A Great Experience!

This was an awesome learning experience thanks in large part to our proefessor Dr. Stubbs. To arrive at an exciting solution for dental x-rayse, we followed the FDA waterfall to observe and interview doctors, prototype a product, and evaluate doctor’s satisfaction. Our design literally flips the problem by having an intraoral source and an extraoral sensor; this allows for a more comfortable patient experience and better pictures for diagnosis. Some of the largest tasks I owned while working on the project were:

  • Initial interviews with shaddowing dentists and technicicians
  • Creating a requirements workbook
  • Running Monte Carlo radiation simulations with EGSnrc
  • Material selection to comply with standards for hot & cold sterilization
  • Compiling work from the group for presentations

For more info on the project look at the links below:

Big thanks to my team: Katherine Genty, Kalyn Druhot, & Mike Kowalski.