CNC Milling (BMED3801)

This class was a really great experience with Marty Jacobson. We were first introduced to the basics of CNC milling, HSMWorks, and G-code to operate the HAAS CNC milling machine in the BME Design Shop. Once we were familiarized, we started on two hands on projects: a 2D business card & a final, open-ended project.

Business Card

For this project, we were provided fixturing and the 3D model. I designed the card in Autodesk and generated the G-code using HSMWorks. Below are some pictures of the model in Fusion & the finished product.

BusinessCardsCAD BusinessCardsImage

Final Project

For this project, we worked in teams of 4. My team decided to work on a miller’s cube with 3 Layers. We made “wedding cakes” to hold the inner cubes in place as the other faces were milled. Below are some pictures of the models for the wedding cakes & the miller’s cube; there’s also the picture of the finished cube.

Wedding Cake Cube CAD Cube Real

Big thanks to my team: Atharva Deshmukh, Ladji Soumahoro, & Will Roden. Also big thanks to Marty Jacobson & our TA Andy Stevens.